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We are scientists and ASAPbio ambassadors who want to help you share your experience with posting your manuscript as a preprint prior to journal submission. We know preprints have a positive impact on scientific discovery as well as on researchers' careers. As a result of posting preprints, we have heard of scientists receiving helpful feedback, invitations to submit to journals, new jobs, and grants.

We want to hear your story and share it as a Preprint Story Card on our website ( In order to make your personal card, we will need a headshot of you that looks like the example below – with you on the right side of the photo to leave space for the text on the left. Please email this to

Thank you so much for your participation and for helping other scientists realize the benefits of sharing research outputs as soon as possible!

We will not share your email address publicly, but will use it to contact you to let you know when the card is ready to go up on the website.

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