Sunfest Volunteer Registration
Event Timing: July 6-9, 2017
Event Address: Victoria Park, London ON
Contact us at (519) 672-1522 or
First and Last Name
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Phone number
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Emergency Contact (name, phone number, your relationship)
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T-shirt size
Are you a high school student?
Are you seeking community service hours?
Are you volunteering with anyone you would like to be scheduled with? (If possible, based on shift availability and your schedules) Please list their name(s).
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New volunteer or returning volunteer?
Is there anything you would like me to know about you? For example, just moved to Canada, any special skills (photography, sales experience), mobility issues, etc.
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Please rate your area preferences (you are welcome to leave this blank and fill out on paper at the end of the orientation meeting).
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Green Team
Safety Patrol
Sales Tent
Stages (must be 18+)
As needed (wherever)
What is the maximum number of hours you would like to be scheduled over the course of the weekend?
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Do you speak other languages besides English?
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Any medical restrictions? (i.e. severe nut allergy, asthma, gluten/dairy free, etc.)
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Why do you want to volunteer with Sunfest? ("I need community service hours" is not a great answer!) What do you hope to gain from this experience?
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Next step: attend an orientation meeting! Both new and returning volunteers are expected to attend.
Everyone MUST attend one orientation meeting. Please contact Sara at or 519-672-1522 if you have any questions.
Meeting info:
Session 1: Wednesday, June 21; 7:00p.m.
Session 2: Thursday, June 29; 6:00pm
Session 3: Thursday, June 29; 7:00pm
(not a typo, same day, two sessions)

All three sessions are at the London Public Library, Central (251 Dundas St. London) Stevenson & Hunt Rooms A+B located in Citi Plaza across from Wolf Performance Hall. (there will be Sunfest signs and people to direct you).

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