Let's Dance Activities
2018 Survey
1. Let’s Dance Activities is entertaining
2. Let’s Dance Activities is good exercise
3. Let’s Dance Activities helps individuals relax
4. Let’s Dance Activities helps reduce stress
5. Let’s Dance Activities has a positive effect on the environment
6. Individuals experience less agitation/anxiety after a LDA program
7. Staff experiences more ease with ADL’s
8. Let’s Dance provides staff and individuals a positive experience helping improve relationships with each other
9. When Let’s Dance visits we notice positive effects in our community for
10. Individuals, that do not generally show engagement, are engaged with this program
11. Let’s Dance Activities is the only music and movement program of it’s kind—music, storytelling with one-on-one attention, with movement, and validation.
12. If others were trained in Let’s Dance methods, we would be interested in trying those programs
13. The HandPan has a different, more positive effect, than other types of instruments experienced by our community.
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