Virtual tandems (Svenska-Nederlands)
If you're interested in a virtual tandem partner, please fill out this form.

For more information about the project see If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Click on "Webbredaktör" at the bottom of the webpage ( and fill out the contact form.

*We will only use the e-mail address you provide below to communicate with you in order to organise a tandem for you. Subsequently, your e-mail address will be shared with your tandem partner. It won't be used for any other purposes or sent to any other parties.

Please write a short bio that we can share with your potential tandem partner:
- Students studying Swedish in the Low Countries write this text in Dutch
- Students studying Dutch in Sweden write this text in Swedish

Hartelijk bedankt / Tack så mycket!
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I would like to practise my... *
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*I approve that you use the above e-mail address to organise a tandem for me and that it can be shared with my tandem partner *
Short bio in Dutch (if you're from the Low Countries) or in Swedish (if you're from Sverige) that can be shared with my tandem partner: *
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