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So here's the deal. For the 2018 Awards Circuit Community Awards, we want to give away TWO (2) Special Achievement Awards to two recipients that will be announced on our podcast and then given a formal press release and an announcement on the website.

We are looking for seven members in total!

First is the "2018 Awards Circuit Lifetime Achievement Award" - given to an individual whose dedication the film industry has made a lasting impact.

The second is the "Johnny Alba Innovation Award" - named after the founder of The Oscar Igloo, who inspired the creation and innovation of AwardsCircuit.com, an award given to a person who made a significant impression on the film year. This could be awarded to a newcomer, veteran filmmaker, craftsperson, etc..

2016's recipients were Kevin O'Connell (Lifetime Achievement Award) and Pablo Larrain (Johnny Alba Innovation Award) while 2017 was awarded to Roger Deakins (Lifetime Achievement Award) and Jordan Peele (Johnny Alba Innovation Award).

Please fill out the Google form below fully as it will close by Monday, December 31, 2018. The selected 7 will be notified on January 3, 2019.

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OPTIONAL: What is something you would like to see on AwardsCircuit? (i.e. a new feature, column, anything that you consider fun and interactive). The sky is the limit. This question is optional but your feedback would be appreciated!
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