Summer 2016 Kaytannot @The Open Studio
Expose your child to limitless possibilities, inspiration and encouragement to create and imagine their own worlds. Be inspired by the people, places, history, and beauty that Jerusalem has to offer at the Open Studio’s Traveling Arts Camps where art is for everyone!

*Unless otherwise noted, all camp sessions go from Sunday to Thursday 9am-2pm & include Kosher snacks. Children bring their own lunches. Registration includes one sketchbook and T-shirt per child. There are additional options for early drop off (from 8:15am - 50 nis per week) and our famous Open Studio Tzaharon (afternoon program until 4pm - 150 per week, includes free Early Drop off). Daily Registration is available for several camps for 200nis per day (contact us for more information).

4 weeks of camp or more 10% off*
Sibling & Multiple Session Discount 5% off*
*Discounts cannot be combined

Early Drop off (from 8:15) 50 nis per week
Tzaharon (Afternoon Program) 150 nis per week (includes free early drop off)

A separate form should be filled out for each child.
For questions call 054-626-8496 or 077-60-40-523 or email

Child's first name שם הילד *
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Child's Last Name שם המשפחה של הילד *
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Parent's Name שם ההורה
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Parent's Email Address דואר אלקטרוני של ההורה *
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Parent Phone 2 - מס' טלפון הורים
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Emergency Contact Name (other than parent)- שם איש קשר למצב חירום (במקרה שההורים לא עונים) *
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Emergency Contact Phone - מס' טלפון לאיש קשר בחירום *
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Child's Teudat Zehut or foreign Passport No. - מס' תעודת זהות של הילד *
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Child's Date of Birth - תאריך לידה *
Any known medical conditions, allergies, etc. - אלרגיות או בעיות בריאות - כמו סכרת וכד' *
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Family Health Insurance Carrier - קופת חולים
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Family Doctor (name & phone) - רופא משפחה - שם ומס' טלפון
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Wich camp(s) are registering for? *
Do you need Early Drop off (from 8:15 each morning) 50 nis per week OR free with Tzaharon *
Do you need Tzaharon (Afternoon Program) 14:00-16:00, 150 nis per week *
Language - שפה *
Pictures - צילום
Payment - תשלום Please note: the Early Bird Discount applies only if payment is made by June 5, 2016 *
Discounts (choose up to one only) *
Important Information. Please read and initial. Prices include VAT. Payment is due immediately and spaces are first come first serve. Children asked to leave camp due to behavior problems will not be refunded. I give permission for emergency medical treatment to be administered to my child in the event of a medical emergency, when neither parent can be reached. I understand that parents are responsible for the costs associated with medical services and for emergency transportation of my child. Refund Policy: until two weeks before the first day of camp (July 1, 2016) 50% is refundable, one week 25%, less than one week before, there is no refund. *
מידע חשוב. אנא קראו וחיתמו: המחירים כולל מע"מ. נא לשלם מיידית להבטחת מקומכם. מספר המקומות מוגבל, אין שמירת מקומות על בסיס רישום בלבד. אין החזרים כל דמי ההרשמה. במקרה חריג של ילד שייתבקש לעזוב את הקייטנה בשל בעיות התנהגות, לא יוחזר כסף. כמו כן, אני נותן אישור לטיפול רפואי דחוף לילד שלי במקרה של מצב חירום. אני מבין שהורים אחראים לעלויות הכרוכות בשירותים רפואיים ולתחבורת חירום של הילד שלי
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Electronic Signature חתימה אלקטרונית
Please type name and Teudat Zehut or Foreign Passport No. נא למלות שם ומס' תעודת זהות
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Comments - הערות (if registering for daily registration, specify which days and which camps).
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Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
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