Spring Into Action 2019 Pledge
This year, we are inviting you to spring into action for Heart to Heart by taking the pledge to be a "Conversation Creator" between now and June 21st, the first official day of summer. It's also just 10 days before our 2019 cohort arrives at camp to undertake this same challenge.

Why are we doing this? Because it’s 2019 and there are enough elephants in the room. We want to build a more compassionate, understanding and cooperative society, starting with ourselves; to find the courage to have those “difficult” conversations, tackle challenging topics, and at times, welcoming our vulnerability to open up and show up to those we love and care about through more heartfelt conversations.

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

Step 1: Sign the pledge

Step 2: After you pledge, you will be sent our Spring Into Action Conversation Creation Toolkit that will provide you with tips and strategies for how to create your conversation. Maybe it's creating a conversation about Heart to Heart and the conflict, maybe it's raising a difficult topic with someone in your life. Our toolkit will help you decide and feel ready to go out and speak up!

Step 3: Be sure to take a photo or a video of your conversation and share it with us by posting it on social media with the hashtag #SpringIntoAction2019. You can also tag @HeartToHeartCanada (FB) or @hearttoheartcanada (IG). OR, if you aren't on social media, send it to us at info@heart-to-heart.ca so we can share it with the community

Step 4: (Okay, it's a bonus step) Encourage others to pledge and take action by creating conversation too. And that's it!

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