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Dear friends and colleagues,

Many of our colleagues like to assign trade books as a supplement to textbooks and articles in classes. We have a new book, 'The Power of Us', about the science of group dynamics, collective behavior, and social identity that came out this past fall. The book covers many core principles and topics in social psychology, including the nature of the self, social identity, cult psychology, intergroup relations, prejudice and stereotyping, political polarization, crowd behavior, social norms, dissent, and leadership. We also revisit—and provide contemporary reinterpretations—of many of the classic studies in the field, including the minimal group research, Asch’s conformity studies, Milgram’s obedience research, and the Stanford Prison Experiment. The book is written for a broad audience and could be easily read by students with no background in psychology.

If you are interested in using our book in your class, we will share teaching materials with any instructors who assign our book.We created a series of short 5-minute videos to animate and explain key stories, studies, and ideas throughout the book. We will provide these videos along with a short set of test questions you can use for exams. We are also willing to have one of the authors virtually visit any large class (> 50 students) for a Q&A session about the book in the fall 2022 semester if you want to create an interactive learning environment. If you like the book, we are happy to continue providing the videos and exam materials in future semesters.

If this sounds like it might be useful, we would be happy to send you a free copy of the book to read and see if it is suitable for your class. Note that the book is much less expensive than textbooks, is available on Kindle and Audible to increase accessibility, and can be complemented with original research articles for more advanced classes. To learn more about the book, check out the website: 

This opportunity is available for schools in any country (although it might be hard for us to visit your class if the time zone is different from our own) and we reference studies and stories from around the world. Please fill out the items below and we will send you the book in the format you request to anyone who plans to assign the book. Feel free to share this form with any colleagues who might be interested.

NOTE: All materials are free for educators in non-profit contexts. If you wish to use them in a for-profit context, (e.g., business, consulting) we are happy to share the videos for free but the other materials must be purchased for use.
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