Nexus Approach for Environmental Resources Management, a workshop by the UN University and its partners at the University of Tabriz

Event Address: University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
12-13 Nov. 2017

In connection with environmental resources management, the term nexus was introduced for the first time during the 1980s. The resources management circles throughout the world have used the nexus concept to explain the interdependencies between different resources ever since. Some examples of these nexuses included water-electricity, water-energy, groundwater-electricity, water-agriculture, and finally water-energy-food (WEF). Especially this last example of WEF Nexus made nexus thinking more popular among the international academia and policy circles in the lead-up to the Bonn2011 conference on the “WEF Security Nexus”. Bonn2011 conference clearly argued that such an approach would result in improved water, energy, and food security by integrating “management and governance across sectors and scales”. It also pointed out that this approach would reduce trade-offs, build synergies, and promote sustainability and provide transition to a green economy. Within this context UNU-FLORES accepted an invitation from the University of Tabriz (UT) in Iran to co-organise a workshop on “Nexus Approach in Environmental Resource Management”. UT has established the Institute of Environment which is an interdisciplinary think tank to promote environmental management in the Western Asia. The event will include a field visit, plenary talks, lectures and round-table discussion panel. Main speakers to be:

Reza Ardakanian (UNU-FLORES)
Eelco van Beek (Deltares/GWP)
Rudolph Cleveringa (GWP)
Hiroshan Hettiarachchi (UNU-FLORES)
Fritz Holzwarth (formerly UNESCO-IHE)
Louise Karlberg (SEI)

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Deadline October 13, 2017

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Prof. Reza Ardakanian
Prof. Eelco van Beek
Dr. Louise Karlberg
Prof. Hiroshan Hettiarachchi
Rudolph Cleveringa
Dr. Fritz Holzwarth
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