Announcing applications for the Soapbox Audio Collective Writers’ Room.

Soapbox Audio Collective is the nonprofit arm of Artist Soapbox, a podcast and audio fiction incubator (among other things). The goal of Soapbox Audio Collective is to develop original audio fiction using the skills and talents of Triangle-area artists and then distribute them to the wider world. In other words...local talent, global reach!

Writers, apply to join us for Project #2! It's gonna be fun!

Project #2: TBD Who knows?
TBD. This audio drama will be developed and written in collaboration with a small group of writers over a more extended time frame. This project will start later and be guided by the Project #1 audio drama experience. There’s more flexibility built into this project, but it’s a lot more vague and without a secure timeline.

Writers for Project #2 will meet monthly in Durham starting in early 2020 TBA; writing assignments will occur between the in-person meetings. The monthly meetings will be used for story-planning/discussion and to chart the course forward. At the end of six months, writers’ commitment to the project will be reassessed.

To apply: Complete this form by September 8, 2019. Please send a short sample of your work (3-5 pages) to by September 8, 2019. Note: Don’t over think the work sample, just send something that you think represents what you do.

so you know if this is your jam.

Payment: TBD (see Project #1 fyi, but this budget has not been created yet). You will be informed about the payment once the meeting dates are set; you can confirm your decision to participate based on that.

Credit: Contributing writers will be credited on each episode and on the ASBX website. Exact wording will be determined prior to recording.

In addition to completing the application, writers must agree to the following:
*Meeting the reasonable deadlines agreed upon at the in-person meetings. Meeting deadlines is essential to moving the process forward.
*Attending all of the 6 meetings (once they are calendared).
*Giving over your work to be edited, revised, and commented on. You may be asked to rewrite an episode or your writing may be given to someone else to finish. This is a positive element of a collaborative project since we all have different strengths and can work together to build something amazing that is more than the sum of its parts. This does require a balance of confidence and humility from all of us and the willingness to sacrifice ego in service to the story.
*Tamara Kissane, as producer and director, will make final decisions and will lead the group (with flexibility, humor, and love!). Please be ready to do your part with flexibility, humor, and love.

Note: This is a selective process. The number of writers asked to join will be determined by the applications that we receive, the size and composition of the group, and the budget for the project.

Feeling a lot of excitement about this grand adventure in audio! Hurrah!!!

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If selected, I agree to meet the agreed upon (reasonable) deadlines during my tenure with the SAC. *
If selected, I will attend the meetings of the SAC for the next 6 months. (See schedule above.) *
If selected, I understand that my ideas and written contributions will be edited and revised after feedback from Tamara and other writers in the group. As producer and director, Tamara has the final say related to the script for audio drama developed by the SAC. I am ok with this. *
I have listened to both acts of the MASTER BUILDER AUDIO DRAMA and would like to work on an audio project if selected for this group. *
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