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Can not tell me consistently or only I understand
Gestures (pointing, hand leading)
PECS/Picture Icons
AAC or Speech Generating Device
Verbalizes single words
Verbalizes short phrases
Verbalizes sentences/ conversations
Uses an AAC Device
To let me know what he/she needs
To ask for help
To let me know what he/she wants
To interact with me (sing songs, games)
To talk about his/her environment
To let me know how he/she feels (excited, does not like it)
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As a part of this program I will be participating in video tapped sessions including but not limited to video-tapped therapy session, still photos, and/or parent testimonials. BIANCA and The Crimson Treatment and Research Center will have the right to use these videos, photographs, and other non-identifying information (e.g. for education, promotion, etc.) for this and future projects. *
I do not agree to the above stipulation. Please describe what you are comfortable participating in.
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