This is your entry form for the third annual LOCAL THAT WORKS award competition.

LOCAL THAT WORKS aims to spotlight original initiatives that help local media organizations “Be More Local” through innovative content, fundraising, digital presence, or community engagement.

We accept entries from public stations and non-profit news organizations. We are particularly interested in projects that can be replicated or successfully scaled in smaller markets and rural areas.

All entries become part of Current's online, searchable database, a terrific resource for stations seeking ideas worth stealing: https://current.org/2018/10/get-inspired-with-our-huge-list-of-local-content-and-engagement-projects/

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN OCTOBER. The Grand Prize is $5000. Second prize is $1000. Third prize is a free registration to the 2020 Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC).

You may submit multiple entries on separate forms. The entry deadline is WEDNESDAY August 7th at 7 pm ET. If you have questions, contact julie@current.org.

Local that Works is a collaboration between Current, PublicMediaFutures and Greater Public, funded by the Wyncote Foundation.

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