Nagpur Metro Rail Public Impact Assessment Survey

This survey is a part of a research project being carried out by Arranya Environment Organisation, Nagpur
All the data obtained during this project will be kept confidential and used strictly for research purposes.
Please contact for any queries.
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How far is your work place/college from your house?
How do you travel to and from work/college daily?
Do you know the routes of metro rail in Nagpur?
For those who do not know, here is an image of the current plan of the metro rail routes in Nagpur
Which of these routes will you use when the metro rail comes up?
How often do you think you will use these routes?
Do you think construction of the metro rail will result in any environmental damages?
Have you witnessed any changes on the sites where metro construction has already started?
What are the changes?
Will the construction of the metro rail affect your daily life in any way?
Do you think Nagpur needs a metro rail? *
Not at All
Yes it should be completed As Early as possible
Should Nagpur think on issues like Nag River Cleaning , Swacch Nagpur etc in Same way as Nagpur metro ? *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Can you think of any alternative modes of transport that could be developed to increase the sustainability, affordability and ridership of public transport system of Nagpur ?
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Any other opinions/suggestions about Metro rail/transport system in Nagpur
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Kindly share your thoughts on the above questions.
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