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Thank you for considering us to read/review your title. We understand the privilege it is to have an author request to share his/her work with us and we are flattered!

Please use this form to request a review. If you reach out to us by other means, we will redirect you to this document, as we are more able to follow up and manage requests if they are in one place.

About Us and Our Decision Process:

We may not be able to accommodate your request if it is less than 30 days in advance.

We are receiving numerous requests to review (we are thrilled by this) so please be patient. Unfortunately, while we wish we could, we are not able to respond to every request that we receive.

We consider all requests and will respond if we decide to review your title. Our response will include:
1. An acceptance to review, the info as to who will review, and the anticipated date of the review

There are numerous considerations that go into the decision as to whether or not to accept a title for review, all decisions are final. We strongly believe that all books we review or promote on the blog are those that personally appeal to us. If we decline your book, that does not mean we will never review your titles.

*Reviews on Retail Platforms: will not be posted prior to the review appearing on the blog page.

***Please note-we only review books in the romance genre. Submissions for titles outside this genre will not receive a response.

We generally do not review: romantic sci-fi and paranormal/shifter sub-genres. We review historical romance on a case by case basis. You are, of course, free to submit your title if it falls in these categories, as we do consider and discuss all submissions.

Thank you,
Laura and Melissa

Our Full Review Policy is Stated on our blog:
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