2019 Portland Sketch Comedy Festival Application
Deadline to apply: Midnight Sunday, April 14, 2019
Festival dates: July 11-13, 2019
Thank you for your interest in performing in the 2019 Portland Sketch Comedy Festival! After reviewing the submission criteria thoroughly, please submit all application materials and the application fee by the deadline above.
If you have any questions, please send an email to badreputationprods@gmail.com.
Final decisions will be made by late April and all applicants will be contacted either way.
Good luck!
Name of your troupe: *
Where is your troupe located? *
Contact person for your troupe: *
Email address & phone number for contact person: *
List all members of the troupe who will be performing in the festival (should you be accepted) and director (if applicable) *
How long has your troupe been performing? *
What is the performing history of your troupe (including dates of shows, venues, etc)? *
List all festivals you have performed in as a troupe, including dates (if applicable) *
Links to press your troupe has received: *
Links to website and social media for troupe: *
Provide a brief description of your troupe for use in promo materials: *
List any requirements needed for your show (ie. projector, screen, chairs, microphone, etc) *
What else do we need to know about your troupe? *
Attach 1-2 high res images for promotional materials *
Link to your submission video (15-25 continuous minutes total of a recent performance. No montages or cuts.) Please list the password for viewing, if applicable. *
Please submit your $15 application fee via PayPal and indicate troupe name in comments field. PayPal account: badreputationprods@gmail.com *
I have read the complete Submission Criteria form as well as the Code of Ethics, and have shared it with all troupe members. By checking the box below the troupe in its entirety agrees to its terms. *
Thank you for your application! You will hear from us shortly. Sincerely, Shelley & Ted
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