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The Borough of Flemington is pleased to continue the Adopt-A-Tree Program for residents. The program, administered by the Borough Shade Tree Commission, offers a variety of shade trees at no cost to homeowners to beautify their property and provide environmental benefits to the Borough. Shade trees lower energy costs, control erosion, act as windbreaks, slow evaporation for thirsty lawns, and of course increase the value of property and improve the appearance of our community. Trees are offered and planted free of charge, and homeowners are responsible for mulching, watering and general care especially when the tree is young. Once again, the trees are available AT NO COST TO HOMEOWNERS but they must be in a location visible from the road.
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Please Note the following: All tree options may not be available at the time we receive your application so we ask that you choose your top 3 choices. Large Trees are 35+ Feet at Maturity Medium Trees are 25-35 Feet at Maturity Small Trees are 15-25 Feet at Maturity * Represents a New Jersey Native Species Tree
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