Set Up Amira for Dual Language or Spanish-First Students
The purpose of this survey is to help your district (or school) configure the Spanish version of the Dyslexia Screener and/or assessment as well as Practice / tutoring.

Please allow us 5 business days for your requested configuration to take effect. You will receive a copy of your responses once you submit this survey.

By completing this survey, you affirm that you are an authorized administrator through your school district or school, with the necessary rights and permissions to request the Amira configuration described below.
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What is the name of your school district? *
If you are a single school, please indicate the name of your school and district. If you are in NYC, please type NYC DOE and add your DBN. For example "NYC DOE: 16K276"
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We assume you are the district point person for implementing Amira. If you are not, please include this person's name in addition to yours.
Q1.   Who is your district contact for Amira in Spanish? Please provide their name: *
Q2.   Point of contact for Amira in Spanish email: *
Q3:  Please select how you'd like students to receive the Dyslexia Screener (if applicable) and early literacy assessment *
I understand that all recordings and scores will be posted in 72 hours (starting early October 2021).  I will direct teachers to wait 72 hours to review the reports. *
I understand that our English Dyslexia Screener configuration will be used to determine the Spanish configuration. *
If you are not sure what your current English configuration is, please email your Amira lead or 
In order to assign the assessment, a list of students' local IDs will need to be provided to our team. Please download this file and submit the file to  
The csv template can be downloaded here:  Allow 5 business days for processing this file and any updates.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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