The 2021 Great Mojo Tourney Lottery
Sunday, October 3rd at 1pm!

This is a Lottery. It's FREE. But being a Lottery, you may not be one of the [up to] 24 selected.
To find out more, go here:

Depending on signups, either Two or Three Teams of 8 will be selected at random and announced.
If your name is chosen, you will be randomly assigned to one of the teams that will compete in a one-day event for the Mojo Cup, the Most Points Award, and whatever Miscellaneous Awards that we assign. That's right - at least 3 Awards!

All you need to be eligible is to:

1. Be from or near the Twin Cities greater metro area.
2. Have played Mojo before.

That's it!

The deadline for submission is September 19th.
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Roughly how many times have you played here in the Twin Cities? *
You must have played at least once ever in order to be eligible. If you're not eligible yet, there's still time! Go play and come back here.
If someone drops off a team, would you be willing to act as a substitute?
In the event that you are not chosen.
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In the event that you do not win a slot on a team, would you be interested in being one of the 3 judges?
While the "Most Points Award" is given to the winning team, the Mojo Cup is awarded solely based on the combined "Spirit" scores of the Judges.
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If you said 'YES' to being a Judge, you must be able to attend a Mojo Judge Orientation on one of the following evenings, starting at 6 pm. Mark all that you would be available for.
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