UsableMath Module Review and Feedback
Thank you for taking the time to complete our UsableMath Module Review and Feedback survey. Your input is invaluable in helping us improve our online math tutoring platform and better serve the needs of our users. This survey focuses on gathering feedback about your experience with our interactive problem-solving modules for 3rd through 6th grade students learning mathematical reasoning and computation through word problems.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on the modules you have reviewed, the features you found helpful, and any suggestions for improvements. Your feedback will remain anonymous and will be used to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our UsableMath learning resources.

We appreciate your support in making UsableMath an even better educational tool for students, teachers, and families.
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What ideas do you have for improvement or new math modules?
What is your thinking about the activities that ask students to design their own questions, solutions, and slideshows?

If you reviewed Jenny-the-Forester, what was your response to combining story writing and math problem solving in a module?

Thank you!
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