Cluster Festival Open Call
Cluster is Winnipeg's most dynamic take on contemporary art and sound. Revolving around an annual core festival that takes place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cluster is a platform for artists to create, experiment, collaborate and present fresh work to new and diverse audiences.

Highlights of past presentations have included: a full-length multimedia chamber opera about gender-bending post-shakespearean socialites; a massive geometric cardboard sculpture with projection mapping; an exhibition about video game glitch art by mrghosty; a set of new-complexity bass-clarinet music performed by Lori Freedman; a four-floor warehouse party featuring over thirty artists of different disciplines; and many more.

This call is a rolling open call for projects to be included in future Cluster Festivals. This form will serve as preliminary contact between the artist and the festival. If we are interested in programming your work, we will email you to ask for more information about your project, as well as to discuss funding and logistics.

This call is primarily for projects to be included in a festival 18+ months in advance. If you are looking to submit to this year's festival, please see the other submission form on the submission page.

We will endeavour to send an email containing a confirmation of response and a decision on further contact within 6 weeks of submission. Please note that all decisions will be final, but that you are free to re-submit your project at any time.

Please note that we will only be accept digital submissions. As such, all files must be uploaded to services such as soundcloud (sound), youtube or vimeo (video), flickr (photos), ISSUU (pdfs) or your personal website. We will not accept any uploaded or attached files.

Please ensure that your links are stable and are not taken down at any time, as we will review submissions over a 6-week period.

You cannot save this online form, so we suggest preparing your submission in a word processing program and saving it before completing any of the form. Leaving the page will cause you to lose your progress.
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