Snowflake Geospatial Feedback Form
The world of geospatial analytics is broad and there is a long tail of functionality that we want to build into Snowflake. The goal of this form is to capture feedback from you, our customers, to help us understand where to invest our development efforts. Customer feedback is a critical piece of the product development process at Snowflake and we are always listening!

If you are running into an issue or suspected bug, please open a ticket with Snowflake Support for help troubleshooting.
If you have questions about the current functionality or are looking for guidance, please check out our public documentation or reach out to your Snowflake account team for assistance.

We may reach out to some responders with followup questions, but due to response volume, you may not hear back from us directly. Even if you don't hear back from us, rest assured that we hear your feedback.
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What additional geospatial functions would you like to see added to Snowflake? Please include a brief description of your use case for each function and an indication of its importance.
Are there any other functionality gaps you would like to see Snowflake fill? (e.g. additional spatial data types, spatial formats, projections, etc.) Please describe your use case for the functionality.
Snowflake just announced its Data Marketplace, built on the existing live data sharing capabilities that make it easy for Snowflake customers to share data with each other. Are there any geospatial data providers that you would like to see in the Data Marketplace? Please include details about what data sets you would like to see and whether you already consume data from that provider today.
What 3rd party tools (BI, ETL, other) would you like to see integrate with Snowflake's geospatial capabilities? (Please also reach out to the 3rd party to share the request with them directly!)
Enter any other relevant feedback, positive or negative, here.
Is it OK for Snowflake to contact you with follow-up questions, if we have any?
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