American World War II Posters
Analysis of a pro-American poster during World War II
Background Information:
Poster shows a fist holding a stamp with an American star ready to stamp out a Nazi swastika during World War II.
Stamp Out the Axis
Briefly explain the significance of the color scheme used in this power.
Your answer
Why might the swastika be a subtle white as opposed to the standard dark red?
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Who do you think the intended audience would have been for this poster?
Instructional Goals:
Question 1: The respondents will identify the dominant color scheme of "Red, White, and Blue" to symbolize American patriotism in the World War II conflict against the Axis Powers. Additionally, the hand in this poster is not an explicitly Aryan white, which may or may not have been intentional but surely would not have the same color scheme if intended as Nazi propaganda instead.

Question 2: The purpose of this image is to show the superiority of America over Axis Powers such as Nazi Germany. By reducing the swastika to a plain and subtle white, the focus is placed on the colorful "American" features such as the stamp, the hand, and the pro-American text below. Not only does the plain white swastika diminish a powerful impact of the vibrant red commonly used, but it gives the American components a dominance over the swastika through contrasting color schemes between the two.

Question 3: Respondents will ideally answer "American Soldiers" because the image is intended to encourage citizens to become passionate and participate in the war effort through whatever means they are capable.
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