2019-20 Student Information Sheet
Welcome! If you're enrolled in Mr. Yim's class for this school year, please complete the form.
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Medical needs include allergies, pacemaker, or anything that I NEED to know. If medical/allergy, you may specify in other.
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Choose all that applies. In order for me to honor your request (except the choice of "anywhere is fine"), I need to know the reason. Put write a short reason in the other.
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if you attended out of district school, in "other" section please write name of school, plus the city and state of the school you attended last year.
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Please tell me something about yourself that I should know or that you would want me to know.
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What grade do you expect to achieve this year? Specify how you will achieve that goal. Please keep it short. Five sentences or less
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What activities (sports, clubs, or otherwise) will you participate in this year on- or off-campus?
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Which math class activity from last year did you enjoy the most that helped your learn better? Describe
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