Dreux American HS Alumni Bio Survey
Dreux Vikings:

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey.  

The survey will give us some great information for future newsletters - the ability to share what our alumni have been doing since leaving Dreux all those many years ago as well as share some of your memories and stories from your time at Dreux. On many of the questions, there will be plenty of space, I believe, to expand on your responses.

Be sure to check out the Dreux American High School Alumni website about the 2022 DAHS All Class/All School Reunion that will be held March 28-30, 2022 in New Orleans!!

Best to everyone and thanks again for completing the survey!  

Vicki Key '67
Lubbock, TX
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What did you like least about being at Dreux?
If you lived in the Dorms, who were your roommates? *
Who were your best friends at Dreux? *
Who did you date while you were at Dreux (if you don't mind sharing!)
What college/university did you attend (if applicable)
Did you serve in the military?  If so, which branch and when?
Tell us about your job/career history: Describe what career path you took. What you did you or do you do for a living, who did/do you work for, did/do you own your own business, if so what type of business, etc.? *
Tell us a bit about your personal life: early life (parents, siblings), where all you lived, where your parents were stationed when you attended Dreux, current family, etc. *
What do you like to do in your spare time?  For example, what kind of hobbies do you enjoy?  Do you get involved in your community?  If so, how? *
Who would you most like to find or re-connect with that we still have not found?  What do you remember most about them (any small clues that might help us locate them are really helpful)
Do you read the Dreux Alumni Newsletters that are sent out periodically? *
If you answered Yes to the question above, what newsletter features do you enjoy the most? *
What suggestions would you have for improving the newsletter? *
What else would you like to tell us about your life and/or your experiences at Dreux?
Do we have your permission to use some of your bio information and Dreux memories as future content for the "Alumni Spotlight" feature in the Dreux newsletter or perhaps as content on our Dreux website?     (Newsletter and/or website content would NOT include specific contact info, such as mailing address/phone number) *
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