JA Video Consultation - Category Season 2019
The JA Leadership Team is offering video consultations for the Category season. Teams need to submit a clear video that is easy to access for multiple viewers. We request that teams either wear their costumes or same color/practice attire.

Please submit your video to Ivanna Tucker (jascheduling@gmail.com) by the Sunday of the approved requested week (Example: You request week of October 13th. Video needs to be submitted by EOD of October 13th.).

Cost: 3 sets of feedback ($100), 6 sets of feedback ($200)

Teams are not allowed to select which judge you will receive feedback from.

Teams will receive a combination of written and verbal comments back. Written comments will include timestamps associated to the submitted video. You can expect to receive commentary within one full week of your assigned week. Upon sending a request/video - you will receive a confirmation email letting them know when the can expect feedback by.

You will receive confirmation within 48 hours along with a date in which you will be sent back your evaluation.
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