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1 ATM stands for
2. Which of the following is auxiliary memory?
3. How many function keys are present on standard keyboard?
4. Which device has a light sensitive stylus attached to a video terminal to draw pictures or to select menu options?
5. What type of memory does a smart card have?
6 ___________ controls the operations of computer.
7. Caps lock key is used to _________
8. GUI stands for...
9. Which device is usually used to enter digital signatures?
10. OCR stands for
11. Which device is used to identify persons using their physical or behavioral traits?
12. Which type of memory is used to hold active data and instructions?
13. 1KB = _________ B
14. 1 nibble = _________ bits
15. Plasma, LCD are the types of which device?
16. __________ is a system that transfers data between computer components or between computers.
18. Printer or scanners are connected to
19. Which port is used to connect computer to network?
20. Which of the following storage devices is an optical memory device?
21. What is 5% of 234?
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22. At Big City School, 4,248 students ride mass transit to school. If this number is 90% of school enrollment, then how many students are enrolled?
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23. Ravi deposited $950.00 into a saving account at his local bank. If the interest rate is 2.5%per annum, then how much will he have after 6 months?
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24. How many fraction of the following are lesser than half?
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25. For the division 7/48, what is divisor and what is dividend?
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26. Android is a type of
27. Which of the following has the largest storage capacity for removable media?
28. Cut Operation can be done by which key combinations?
29. What is the average percentage growth of sales of Assembled PCs for the given years?
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30. If the Branded PCs sold in 1996 were 1,00,000, how many Branded PCs were sold in 1999?
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