WDFOA - Rules Quiz: Week 2 (2019)
Question 1
A free kick from K's 40-yard line is high and drops on K's 45-yard line, comes to rest on K's 48-yard line, where K2 then recovers on K's 48-yard line. *
Question 2
Well after the ball is dead, B1 pushes A6 to the ground. *
Question 3
2nd and 15 from A's 30-yard line, A1 throws an incomplete pass. A is flagged for an illegal formation, and after the play is over B2 is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct (taunting). *
Question 4
3rd and 10 at A's 20-yard line, A1 runs up the middle for 12 yards. Directly after the play (and prior to the ready-for-play signal), A2 is flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct (used profanity directed toward an official). *
Question 5
During A1's run for a touchdown, B2 holds A5. *
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