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*** NOTE: If you are seeking access to CSA, but are already verified for CSP & CSD, there is no need to fill out this form again - you already have access to CSA! ***

Nearly all of's course content, lesson plans, and curriculum are publicly available to everyone worldwide, via our basic free teacher accounts. That being said, beyond the lesson plans, we also offer solutions, handout answer keys, and assessment answers for's grade 6-12 content, namely: CS Principles, CS Discoveries, and new CSA curricula. Being verified is also required to access CSA (not just solutions within), and to be able to assign it to your students. These additional resources are restricted to “verified teachers” only.

To become a verified teacher please fill out the form below to request access, and we'll get back to you within ~1 business day if your request was approved.

PLEASE READ EVERY FIELD CAREFULLY! Filling out the form incorrectly will slow down the process, and we will not contact you unless your request was successfully approved. Some common mistakes leading to not being verified are:

- Trying to verify a student account. Before making this request, make sure you (1) have an account already, and (2) it's a teacher account. This can be checked from your own Account Settings page
- Attempting to be verified without first signing up for a teacher account. Be sure that you already have a teacher account created from
- Requesting access for an account under a different email address than the address in your account.  Visit that same Account Settings page to see the exact email address under your account!

Thank you for your interest in using curriculum! Contact us at if you have any questions on becoming verified.
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School * account email address *
Please enter the email address you use to sign into your **current and active** teacher account. This should ideally be the same as your official school-issued email address. If you need to update the email associated with your account, you can go to your account settings (at, to make changes. Make sure that you can receive emails from at this email address. **We will not be able to notify you of being verified if you don't provide a real working address that your current teacher account is under.**
School-issued email address (ignore if this is the same as your account email)
If you cannot use your school email address for your login, please enter your school-issued email address here. You will also need to email us at from your school email address to confirm that you want us to authorize the account under the email address you entered for the previous question.
Verification Options
OPTION 1: We need to be able to verify that you're a teacher before granting access to verified teacher-only materials on Provide a direct link to a page on your school's website that shows your name and school-issued email address.

OPTION 2: If you do not have such a page, please provide a link (e.g. on Google Drive or OneDrive) to a picture of either your school ID or driver’s license to help us verify who you are. You should cover up any sensitive information except for your name, picture, and school for your school ID or name, picture, and state for your driver’s license. You may take down the link after you’ve been verified. If you're using Option 2, write down “Will email” below and email us at with this picture, with "Verification" in the subject line.
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(Optional) Additional instructions for finding your information
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Please either provide an email address or phone number for your school administrator or a phone number for your school.  This is so we may contact your school if we need to further verify your information.
If you're in the U.S., select your state.
If you're a public school in the U.S., please enter your district.
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If you have anything additional you'd like to add to this access request, please add it below! If you have questions needing answered, contact us at
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