Art Kit Order Form
BEFORE YOU ORDER: Art Kits are available at Enchanted Sugar at the Cottonwood Mall.

If you live in the Albuquerque, NM area (or close by) I will deliver kits locally for $5 (orders under $50) or FREE for orders over $50. To order, just fill out this form and your contact info. I will send you an invoice that you can pay via CC or PayPal. Then, magically the kits will arrive at your doorstep! Super easy!

If you need kits mailed, please note they do not travel well in winter. If it is a warm week, I can mail them. Please feel free to call me at (505) 379-1254. I will charge standard shipping rates to mail kits.

Costs (not including delivery or shipping when applicable) are as follows:
1 kit is $15
2 kits are $14 each, $28 total
3 kits are $13 each, $39 total
4 kits are $12 each, $48 total
5 kits are $11 each, $55 total
6 or more kits are $10 each

Thank you for ordering from my small business!
Please mark which kits you would like to buy. For multiples, I have added a notes section below. Just tell me how many of each design you would like.
Need more than 1 of a design? Please specify below.
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