A Taste of Nostalgia
Hello, I'm a student at the University of Malta conducting research on the relationship of Maltese food, nostalgia, and travel motives. I would like to hear your view on Malta, its culture and in particular its food. This survey should only take roughly 5 minutes and all the information will remain anonymous. Thank you for your cooperation.
Do you live to eat or eat to live? Explain your answer. *
In a few words describe what you understand by Maltese food. Do you think it is well represented: (a) in Malta, (b) in other parts of the world? *
Can you indicate your favourite Maltese dish; what ingredients are used and who usually prepares it at home. *
Among your Maltese ancestors, who used to prepare this recipe originally? Was it their original recipe or is it a traditional Maltese dish? *
Have you ever attempted to prepare the above-mentioned dish by yourself? What was the result? *
What ties do you have to the Maltese islands? *
From which locality/ies your ancestors/family members? *
How often do you try out Maltese culinary experiences? *
Which is your most memorable Maltese culinary experience? Can you describe the emotions felt during this event? *
In which country do you actually reside? *
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