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For the following statements, how true is this for your business? Answer the COMPLETE statement. If only part of the statement is true, then it is not true. Be hard on yourself. You can only improve what you are willing to bring into the light.
Honestly, I can't say that's true or not applicable
Some of this is true, but it needs some work or attention
We're about half way to where I'd like to (or should) be
Mostly true, but needs to be tightened up a bit
100% complete, true and/or done
My vision and mission is clear to me, in writing and clearly communicated throughout the organization
The Core Values are documented and clear for everyone in the organization, and we make important decisions such as hiring, marketing, etc. based on them
I have documented Management Systems for the key business components (such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance, and Customer Support)
I have a clearly documented succession and exit plan which has been communicated with the key people in the organization and updated annually
I have a clearly documented marketing and sales plan that is executed and measured
I know my Unique Value Proposition, consistently communicate it to my Target Market, and customers are willing to pay a premium for it
I have a documented "way we do things" in flow chart form, make it visible to prospects/customers, and my team (or I) always follow it
I know all of the people in my organization share the Core Values and fit the Culture of the organization
Our Organizational / Accountability Chart is documented, correctly filled in (Right People in the Right Seats), and reviewed/updated at least quarterly
I have a completed strategic or operational plan that is constantly being updated
My Leadership Team is transparent and we communicate directly and honestly with each other. There is no gossip or back-biting
We conduct monthly strategic review sessions, quarterly, and annual retreats with our team
We conduct weekly team meetings with updates based on each member's action plan from the overall organization strategic plan
Our meetings follow a process, start and end on time, and have a clear agenda
We have an effective process for solving issues and challenges, and we are not allowing the biggest issues to linger for days or weeks without being addressed
I have all of my Systems and Processes documented and they are regularly reviewed, followed, and updated
I systematically collect customer and employee feedback, and I track satisfaction levels
Weekly, I track forward-looking indicators which predict my results one or more months into the future on a Dashboard or Scorecard
Everyone's success is measured... I can tell, in an instant, if they are on track (or off track) for success by their individual metric
I have a budget, stick to it, and monitor it at least monthly
My systems are consolidated, integrated, and automated where necessary to minimize errors, double work, and accelerate growth
I have systems and people in place that gives me the freedom to vision, serve in my community/church and participate in other activities
I know who my company stakeholders are and how my mission impacts each of them
I know my calling and I'm clear how it is carried out through the company
We are clear about our kingdom and community impact and how to measure it
We have corporate scorecard that aligns with our kingdom and community impact
The company tithes
We have adequate reserves for operations and growth
The company is profitable and it is on par or above industry standards
The company is cashflow positive
Our products and services are properly priced based on the value we provide our clients with good margins
We have a growth culture which embraces innovation and new ideas
The company is managed through systems and the right people in the right positions
I know for sure we put people above transactions in our company
We have a sales funnel that is tracked and updated regularly
We conduct quarterly or bi-annual staff reviews with clear accountability tools
We have a documented covenant of how we will treat each other and we live by it
We have a documented team hiring and on-boarding process that we use to onboard team members
We have a culture of honour in our organization
I have a budget and financial forecast that I update regularly with actuals and prior year comparisons
I understand my market and industry analysis
I know my competitors and have a clear comparative advantage
We are fully funded or know how we will fund our idea or growth
The business is able to meet my personal and family needs
My family is supportive or/and engaged in the business
My company is registered with a clear legal structure
I have an advisory board or board of directors
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