Sir's MH Girlfriend Application Form
Are you interested in this eligible MangaHelpers Bachelor? Do you just want him to buy you the Demon Slayer lingerie( If yes to either you've come to the right form!
Q1: What is your MangaHelpers username? *
Q2: What should I call you?
Q3: Why are you interested in becoming my better half? *
Q4: What do you like about me? *
Q5: What don't you like about me? *
Q6: How would being together benefit the both of us apart from being obvious winners of Best Pairing in the Community Awards? *
Q7: What's more important to you when it comes to work: Happiness and Fulfilment, or Wealth? *
Q8:What is your Natural Hair Colour, and Current Hair Colour? *
Q9: What is your height? *
Q10: Please tell me about your tastes in Anime and Manga. *
Q11: Do you like Gaming, and if so, what do you tend to play/enjoy? *
Q12: What is your idea of a 'dream' first date? *
Q13: Is there anything I should know about you? *
Q14: What would you like to know about me? *
Q15: Would you be willing to support my AFL team the Brisbane Lions? *
Q16: How do you feel about hobbies like collecting manga and figures? *
Q17: What is your Favourite Food, non-alcoholic Drink, and favourite Alcoholic Drink? *
Q18: What are your greatest fears? *
Q19: Cats or Dogs? *
Q20: Finally, why should you be considered for an interview? *
Bonus Question: What do you think about the Demon Slayer Lingerie? *
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