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In HOLY BAPTISM, the Holy Spirit connects Himself to God’s people by using His Word to create faith in us. We are empty of God and by nature we are God’s enemies. God wants all people to be saved and BAPTISM is for all people. That’s just cool. BAPTISM creates faith in the living God.
Holy Communion sustains and strengthens faith. Therefore His holy supper is a special, invitation-only meal. From the very beginning, from that very first night, Jesus did not give His sacrament to every believer in Jerusalem. HOLY COMMUNION is not a willy-nilly, come-one, come-all party. This spiritual Supper has His blessing and peace for those united in the Christian faith.
Therefore, we continue that wonderful blessing Jesus set for His believers. All of us who publicly stand in agreement with what the Bible teaches, with what we as WELS Lutherans confess, are invited and urged to receive His holy Sacrament. This is a holy communion, forgiveness worth celebrating indeed!
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