dB-SERC lunch discussion 04-17-2017
Topic: Reflections on flipping, formative assessment, and student group work in a computer science course
Discussion leader: Dr. Adam Lee, computer science
When: Monday April 17 from 12 - 1 pm
Where: 321 Allen Hall

During the lunch, Dr. Adam Lee from the computer science department will reflect on a course transformation of a large enrollment computer science course for which he received a dB-SERC course transformation award.

The number of computer science majors at Pitt has increased over 100% over the last 5 years, which has resulted in larger class sizes. The computer science department transformed a core computer science course from a small to large classroom format. The course transformation involved using research-based approaches for large classes, including a flipped classroom approach, in-class clicker questions, the development of a quiz bank for use in recitations and outside of class, and frequent use of formative assessments.

The purpose of the lunch is to reflect on the effectiveness of the course transformation and discuss assessment of the project. Suggestions for future implementations of the transformation are encouraged.
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