Supersonic 2019 Volunteer Form
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Supersonic Festival 2019.

Please fill in all sections and submit the completed form to us by 24th MAY and we will add you to our volunteer database.

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Please note: where possible we need volunteers to be available on each of the Festival days (22nd-24th June)
Are you available for any pre-festival volunteering anytime between now and the festival? Please list any additional dates you would be available to help with pre-festival preparation (could include Artist Liaison, Site set up, Merch, Catering and Promotion, Social media)
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Are you available for any support during the week of the festival itself? Please indicate any of the dates below when you would be available to help with pre-festival preparation (could include Artist Liaison, Site set up, Merch, Catering and Promotion, Social media).
Have you had any experience (paid or unpaid) of the following
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If you hold a clean licence do you have access to/own your own car?
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Are you first aid trained and if yes to what level?
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Do you have any medical conditions or additional needs that we should be aware of ?
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Is there anything else you would like to tell us about? (other skills, experience, commitments etc)
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Please indicate if you are available for an initial briefing on 10th July at The Custard Factory Birmingham. (Please note: if you are travelling from outside the Birmingham area and cannot attend this we will contact you to attend a briefing on Friday 19th July)
We will need to ask you to provide a £50 security deposit in advance of the festival. This will be refunded in FULL after the weekend. Can you confirm that this doesn't present any issues
We are also looking for lead volunteers
If you have volunteered with us before, have festival experience or if you’re looking for a role with more responsibility, with a focus on social interaction and welfare, then this is could be an ideal experience for you.

As a volunteer leader, in addition to helping us deliver the festival you’ll be a friendly face helping to make sure our volunteers are having as good a time as possible.

You would be working more closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to help ensure things are running smoothly with the volunteer team across your particular area of expertise.

This might mean visiting multiple venues, talking to volunteers and Venue Coordinators, to help things work smoothly.

Please tick if you would be interested in helping as a lead volunteer
Finally can we ask how you heard about volunteering at Supersonic *
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