MBA Services DC Rising Student Scholarship!
Principal and Founder of MBA Services, Kelly Matthews, is excited to offer this scholarship opportunity to high school students that are native to the District of Columbia. As a resident of DC herself, Kelly has grown MBA Services to serve over 30 clients, while also remaining involved in numerous community mentorship and scholarship programs. This scholarship will amount to $500 for high school students that may have endured hard challenges in their past but are looking for an opportunity to build their future. Please see questions we would like applicants to thoughtfully answer below. Good luck!
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Grade level for 2017-2018
Tell us about your background: What challenges have you endured while growing up? How have those challenges molded you into the person you are today?
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Tell us about your future plans: What areas of study or work do you plan to pursue after high school?
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How would our scholarship award assist you in your educational, career or community uplift endeavors?
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By submitting this application, we're certain you understand the importance of 'the village' concept ( That said, what have you done or plan to do to make a difference in your community?
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