2017/2018 Letter of Intent for Exhibition of Student STEM Research
Chicago Public Schools believes that principals and teachers’ engagement and investment in the program are critical to the success of STEM Exhibitions(previously referred to as Science Fair) . As such, the Chicago Public Schools asks for principals and teachers to commit to being active participants in all aspects of STEM Exhibitions. Participation in and funding for STEM Exhibitions are contingent on the agreement to the following items:

1. Schools must complete all school STEM Exhibitions prior to Winter Break; and must abide by all rules set forth for the Regional and City STEM Exhibitions which are indicated in the 2018 Exhibition of Student STEM Research Handbook. Regional Networks STEM Exhibitions will beheld in January/February 2018
2. All STEM Exhibition Coordinators are to attend the Regional Network STEM Exhibition Orientation Meeting. If they are not able to attend, we encourage that a school representative attends.
3. Schools must provide a teacher to coordinate school STEM Exhibitions, and must be present to assist at the
Regional Networks STEM Exhibition that will take place in January/February 2018 and assist at the City's Exhibition of Student STEM Research.
4. Teachers and students must submit all paperwork by the deadlines in order to be included in STEM Exhibition programs.
5. School must provide at a minimum of 3 judges to judge at the Regional Networks STEM Exhibition.
6. Transportation to the Regional and City STEM Exhibition is the responsibility of the school/parent.
7. Due to budget constraints, substitute coverage will not be provided for teachers or coordinators attending Regional Networks STEM Exhibitions. Substitute coverage information will be forwarded closer to the date, for teachers assisting at the City Exhibition of Student STEM Research, State Expo and International Fair. Substitute coverage will be based upon funding availability.
8. We request that teachers who volunteer on committees for the City Exhibition of Student STEM Research (March 12-19, 2018), State Exposition (April 27-28, 2018) and/or International Science Fair (May 13-18, 2018) be released to assist at the fairs.

If you have any questions, please contact Sylvia Nelson Jordan at snelson@cps.edu or Luba Johnson at ljohnson131@cps.edu.

Please submit by November 09, 2017. By initialing and submitting this Letter of Intent, I agree to the terms above.

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