Artist Pin Submission Form
IMPORTANT: The location you add could be the neighborhood you live in or the area you'll be dropping shrooms in. The pins on the map are to help hunters locate artists in their area and to find out more information on their specific drops.

IMPORTANT: You can drop as many shrooms as you like, in as many locations as you like, but SUBMIT ONLY ONCE FOR EACH ARTIST.

IMPORTANT: If you don't immediately see your pin on the map, DON'T SUBMIT AGAIN. Listings are added to the map periodically.  It takes a few days for pin approval.

IMPORTANT: Pin placement is automated: there is not a human carefully placing them all. Along with City, INCLUDE A NEIGHBORHOOD (or landmark), ZIP OR POSTAL CODE. If you DON'T do this, there is a good chance your pin may be hidden underneath other pins. For example, if everyone that is dropping in Oakland, CA entered "Oakland, CA" their pins will all be stacked on top of each other. To help avoid that, enter something like "Ghost Town, Oakland, CA 94612" or "Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA"
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Artist Name *
Artist Link
Add a valid link, not just your username. i.e., NOT @artist_name
Artist Pin Location *
Include Neighborhood (or landmark), City, and ZIP or Postal Code. Doesn't have to be an exact address but if you just add a City, chances are you WON'T be visible on the map. You don't want that do you? Could be the neighborhood you live in or an area where you'll to be dropping shrooms.
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