Student Reporting Policy Pilot: Parent/Guardian Feedback Questions
The Ministry of Education is seeking Parent/Guardian feedback regarding our reporting pilot in School District 60 (more info at ). This survey is for parents / guardians of students in Alwin Holland, Duncan Cran, Taylor, Upper Halfway, and Wonowon schools.
Reporting Pilot Parent / Guardian Survey
I have a child in Grade __. Check all that apply:
One goal of the pilot is to provide parents/guardians and students with timely, informative feedback about their child’s learning and progress. I have received quality, accurate, and sufficient information on my child/children’s progress.
Teachers are providing strength-based descriptive feedback focused on what the students can do and what goals they are working toward. I have a clear sense of what my child is (children are) working on to move forward in their learning.
Pilot schools are using the 4-point provincial scale (emerging, developing, proficient, extending) to communicate student progress in areas of learning (subjects). I understand the language on the proficiency scale and what it indicates about my child/children's progress.
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Students are asked to reflect on how they are developing the Core Competencies of communication, thinking, and personal/social competencies. I notice my child/children make(s) connections in their learning to the Core Competencies.
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