Does your institution maintain a website with links to local and outside technological / pedagogical / professional resources relevant to educational technology use?
This short questionnaire is part of a larger ongoing survey on the ways colleges and universities try to promote and encourage faculty engagement in educational technology. The questionnaires about other strategies will be sent out in the coming months.

The goal is to collect comprehensive data from many different institutions of higher education and share this with anyone interested. The data collected can then help generate debate and aid participants in deciding on what strategies to use.

If you have any questions about this questionnaire or the larger survey, please read the FAQ ( or contact the survey administrator Jacob E. Larsen (


If you already answered this part last year, please fill out questions 5 through 11, as questions 5 and 6 have been added.

Institutions that have already responded:
• University of Maryland Libraries
• Concordia College
• Towson University
• UofP
• Missouri S&T
• Ramapo College of NJ
• University of Alabama
• Niagara College
• University of Florida
• University of Central Missouri
• New York University
• Edgewood College
• University at Buffalo
• University of Nebraska at Omaha

1. How effective do you feel this strategy is?
1 Very ineffective | 2 Somewhat ineffective | 3 Neutral | 4 Somewhat effective | 5 Very effective
2. Are you planning to continue or discontinue using it?
3. List the three main benefits of using this strategy.
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4. List the three main issues to consider when using or introducing this strategy.
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5. Which strategy do you think holds the biggest potential for faculty engagement?
6. What is the biggest obstacle to faculty engagement and training at your institution?
If you answered this question in an earlier survey, just leave this blank.
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7. Please add any other comments you may have.
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8. Please provide a link to your website.
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9. What institution do you represent? *
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