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Sherí Taber is a full-time shamanic practitioner and gifted healer who has studied with many healers and spiritual teachers from many traditions. Sherí has had the honor of and great successes with clients from around the world. Most of Sheri’s work takes place virtually over live video conferencing or at a distance with the results being provided via email, voice recording or in a live call.

The practices Sheri provides are vast and effective. See her website or contact her to learn more. Some of the most common practices Sheri uses are divination, power animal retrieval, the extraction of misplaced or intrusive energies, compassionate depossession, and soul retrieval.

These practices result in the re-empowerment of the client and often result in impressive positive physical, thought to action, spiritual and lifestyle improvements. When asked weeks and months afterward, clients often share that they have never felt so well, light and able to achieve the things they could not prior to the healing.

Shamanic healing is aided and empowered by compassionate spirit allies with whom Sheri works closely. The shamanic model holds that many of our thought challenges, diseases, problems and unhealthy patterns manifest from imbalances in our spirit or our energy. When we address these issues from the spiritual perspective, the effect can appear in the physical body and lifestyle patterns.

Prior to the initial session, you'll receive this intake form. You'll complete it and send it back to me several days prior to our session, when that is possible.

Typically, a session begins with you sharing with me your situation or perception of your need.

Once I understand the concern or need, I consult with my compassionate spirit allies to understand what healing is in your highest good relative to this situation.

I then share with you what I learned and how it is recommended that we proceed.

With your permission, I proceed with the recommendations of spirit and the work is performed in the non-ordinary spirit dimension. The work is painless. Depending on what we are working on, you may experience sensations that include energy moving within your body and/or resolution of pain or discomfort as energies that don’t belong to you are released.

Once the work has been completed, I share with you the nature of the work that was completed and any aftercare instructions.

Any misplaced energy that is extracted is also transmuted or neutralized so that it cannot return to you or affect others.

Clients report feeling much lighter, freer and more empowered after these sessions.

I use for virtual shamanic sessions and telephone when video conferencing is not possible for the client. I perform nearly all of my work virtually and Zoom is very effective and easy for the client.

After scheduling your session, you'll receive a link to join the virtual online video session on your scheduled date and time. If you have never used Zoom, the first time you will be prompted to download an app. In less than 2 or 3 minutes, you'll be ready to go. Should you need future sessions, you'll simply click the link you receive from me and it will automatically take you to the video conference room.

If you would like your session to be recorded, please let me know and I will record it. The recorded session will be made available once it is ready. I do not keep records of journeys, readings or sessions. Your recording will be deleted within 14 days of our session.

It is difficult to know in advance how many sessions are required to achieve a state of spiritual wellness and empowerment.

If the client’s only need is a power animal retrieval, one session is almost always sufficient.

If the client requires energy removal, intrusion extraction, depossession or curse unravelling work, this will more than likely require multiple sessions.

During a soul essence retrieval ceremony, we can retrieve up to 3 soul essences in a single session.

Please feel free to email or text me with any questions you have at (507) 400-8292.

This work is sacred work and I treat it as such. Your comfort level and quality experience is very important to me.

It is my honor and pleasure to work on your behalf. Your highest good is my intention and providing you with information that will help you or help to heal you, is my intention.


Please note that all shamanic practices, services, products, healing, any metaphysical definitions or properties are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and do not imply or promise a guarantee of effect.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition and BEFORE undertaking any alternative health program or alternative health or healing products or services.

If you are pregnant or believe you are suffering from an illness or health concern you should consult with your physician. Shamanic tools, services and information are a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should never replace the advice, recommendations, or prescriptions provided by a healthcare practitioner.

Sessions, client information and journeywork are held in the strictest confidence.

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