7th - Kitsap Cup - Fri - 5/11/2018 Mix Doubles 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 & 9.0
Match Date: 5/11/2018 (Friday)
Time: 5pm ~ 8pm
Venue: KTAC

* Players MUST BE available to play Kitsap Cup on Friday 5/11/2018 from 5 ~ 8 pm at KTAC
* Entry Fee: $15/player (Includes court fee, balls & drink tickets)
**Please Bring pot luck item for the social**

Entry Due date: 4/18/2018 (Wed) *12NOON*

Matches - 2 out 3 (3rd set tie break) *No Ads

If each level has more than 2 teams signed up, I will schedule matches within signed up players to come up with top 2 mix teams who get to play at Kitsap Cup. (*I will email you and notify that you need to schedule matches prior to 5/11/2018 if there are more than 2 teams signed up and provide provide Google Sheet to enter your score to keep results. )
Otherwise, be ready to play and beat BAC!!! :)

Winning club will get to take “KITSAP CUP” trophy home and trophy stays till next Kitsap Cup Mixer

**New rules for entry**
- at least one of the team member has to be KTAC member
- please find your own partner. We'll have sign up sheet on the wall next to court entrance for you to sign up/find your own partner. Please contact players on your own using sign up sheet as one of the resource.

Any question? Send email to me, Kitsapcup@gmail.com


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