Nihon Matsuri Cosplay Contest Entry Form
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Remember, the source must be of Japanese origin
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Please keep in mind, this is not an anime convention, and not all things that would be appropriate at an anime convention will be appropriate here. We are ambassadors of cosplay to a public that does not know what cosplay and anime are, and may not necessarily be familiar with the source material. Please keep everything rated PG. Be aware that if you do something different than you described, you may be disqualified. If your plans change after you send this form in, please e-mail us and let us know before the festival.
Audio File *
Please e-mail us with an mp3 file of your audio, clearly labelled with Group/Contestant name. The track cannot exceed one minute, and cannot contain any dialogue. (If you have concerns about this please contact us - we will tell you if your track is appropriate.) If you don’t send us an audio track, we will provide a generic one for you. It will not be personalized, and you will not be able to hear it until the contest itself, so we highly suggest sending in audio if you can.
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Please attach a reference image(s) for your character. If you have any difficulties attaching the file, you can also e-mail it to .
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