Preprints and Open Peer Review
Interactive webinar organised by Gigascience and Academic Karma.
Register here for the Peer Review Week Webinar "Preprints and Open Peer Review", organised by Gigascience and Academic Karma.
When and where
Webinar will be broadcast on 11th September at 4pm BST / 11am EDT / 10am CDT. It will run for approximately 1 hour. The link for viewing the webinar is:
Panel members
Prachee Avasthi, University of Kansas Medical Center

Prachee is an ambassador for ASAPbio as well as being a Principal Investigator at the Kansas Universiy Medical Center. Prachee is an advocate for the use of preprints in biology, and exclusively used preprints to teach her class 'Analysis of Scientific Papers' at University of Kansas.

Chris Gorgolewski, Stanford University

Chris is a postdoctoral researcher in the Stanford Department of Psychology. Chris is an advocate for open science, and has participated in open peer review both as an author and reviewer.

Scott Edmunds , Gigascience

Scott is Executive Editor of GigaScience, and is an advocate for open science. Based in Hong Kong, GigaScience is a pioneer in the use of open peer review to evaluate manuscript submission, and are also keen users and advocates for the use of pre-prints. Scott has been working with open peer review for more than a decade.

Lachlan Coin, Academic Karma

Lachlan is a co-founder of Academic Karma, and is also a group leader at the University of Queensland. Academic Karma is a platform for supporting open peer review of preprints.
Topics covered
Experience of open peer review from a publisher's, author's and reviewer's perspective, including a discussion on the pros and cons of open peer review for each stakeholder

Different ways in which people are providing feedback on preprints, including journal clubs, comments, and use of various
platforms to do so.

The role of journal clubs in reviewing preprints.

The role of conferences in reviewing preprints.
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