Hack-a-TONxPrague | Pre-registration

💎 This is the first TON-based hackathon in Europe for students, engineers, business devs, designers, artists, and cypherpunks! Web: https://hackatonx.tonana.org


🏆 The total prize fund of $44k paid in TON

  • The best project in SocialFi track - 5k$
  • The best project in NFT track - 5k$
  • The best project in GameFi track - 5k$
  • The best project in DAO track - 5k$
  • The best project in DeFi track - 5k$
  • The grand prize for the best idea – 7k$
  • The grand prize for the wallet contest – 7k$
  • Special prize for the best Telegram Web App - 5k$

🙇‍♂️ How is this hackathon different from others? ✅ each team has a mentor ✅ workshop on applying for grants and the list of grants ✅ onboarding successful teams to the startup academy program from TonStarter Launchpad

💬 Representatives from well-known teams will give lectures before the contest, serve as the jury, help newcomers integrate into and network with the Prague TON community, and bring them into the world of TON developers:

▫️Roman Krutovoy will talk about TON Blockchain and Telegram Ecosystem ▫️Artur Stambultsyan will talk about TWA, what to do with them and how ▫️Jakub Jedlinsky, Ph.D at VSE, will talk about Gaming DAOs ▫️Tamara Bizyuk from Tatum, will lead a workshop on understanding the product ▫️Vadim Keff from T7T lab, talks about how to conduct user research ▫️Eugen Anisey from Tonana will hold a master class on grants and networking ▫️Jan Silhavy from The Crypto Headhunter will talk about how to create a team ▫️Nikita Moskalenko from Hexit Capital will talk about how to start fundraising   ▫️Volodymyr Manoilo from Wargaming & Studentspeak will talk about Game Marketing
▫️TON Play team about gamification and general marketing in Web3.0   😏 Hack-a-TON x Prague is independent event, that supported by the TON Foundation, with participation from TON-based projects, such as Tonstarter, Tonplay, Getgems, TWA Dev Community, Tonkeeper, StickerFace, and TONSociety.

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