Rebel's Readers
I'm teaming up with BetaBooks to help out my fellow indie authors and avid readers!

As an author, it is often frustrating to find avid readers willing to dive into a book and impart awesome feedback and constructive criticism. When writing any genre with mature content, it's doubly hard to know if you're reaching out to the right readers.

As a reader, it's always scary volunteering to read the book of an untested author. You don't want to be negative, but sometimes the manuscript is so rough, it's hard to tell what you're reading.

Well, I'm here to bridge that gap. I'm offering monthly curated manuscripts to an awesome pool of readers from all walks of life.

Interested in beta reading curated books on a monthly basis? Interested in submitting your manuscript? Just fill out the form below. Let me know who you are and I will let you know when this project reaches full speed.

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