Christian Perspectives on Qing Ming Festival
Note: As logistical preparation is required to help you experience and participate in the memorial service in session 3, registration for the seminar is encouraged.
The Qing Ming Festival and its related traditional practices are of great significance to the Chinese community. Can a Chinese Christian be involved in such a festival? How can Christians relate to Non-Christian Chinese family members on the Qing Ming Festival? The seminar aims to provide a theological framework of remembering the dead to help Christians to be good witnesses in love and actions through understanding the ethnic culture of the Qing Ming.
Session 1
A Theology of Rites: Connecting with the Chinese Culture

The talk will explore why ritual actions are important if Christians are to make connection with Chinese culture.

Session 2
Being Christian and Chinese

The Chinese culture is undergirded by the Confucian ethical system which places an emphasis on relationships, especially familial relationships. The Chinese customs revolve around traditional rites which are religious but really more spiritual, as self-culitvation develops a personal selfhood which relates with family, community, nation and nature. This talk explores Chinese Qing Ming festive and ancestral rites as a basis of the Chinese familial and communal relationships and how Christians can celebrate and contribute to the evolving Chinese culture in the context of 21st C East Asian modernity.

Session 3
Experience a Chinese Memorial Service

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in and experience a Memorial Service that expresses appropriate honour for our ancestors in the Chinese culture that is shaped by and true to our Christian faith in God.

Rev Dr Simon Chan (PhD, University of Cambridge, UK)
Rev Dr Simon Chan had taught theology at Trinity Theological College (TTC) for 27 years. Since retiring in 2016, he has been reengaged by TTC to teach theology, serve as spiritual director to the students, and conduct regular spiritual retreats for lay leaders.
Mr Lawrence Ko
Mr Lawrence Ko is National Director of Singapore Centre for Global Missions and founder-director of Asian Journeys Ltd. He also serves as the new commissioner of Asia Evangelical Alliance's Mission Commission.
Pr Chin Yan Hiong
Pr Chin Yan Hiong is the Hakka Ministry Director of Hakkan Methodist Church.
Forum Moderator
Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun (PhD, University of Cambridge, UK)
Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun is a Methodist pastor currently appointed to Trinity Theological College (TTC) where he serves as a Lecturer in Church History and as Dean of Students. He has been a pastor for more than 17 years and is now attached to Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church.
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9am - 1pm

Faith Methodist Church
Charis Hall, Level 4

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