TALFL 2018: Celebrating Language Learners as Agents of Change
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The Department of Languages and Cultures at West Chester University
Seventh TESOL/Applied Linguistics/Foreign Languages (TALFL) Conference

Celebrating Language Learners as Agents of Change
April 28, 2018
Sykes Student Union
West Chester University
West Chester, PA, USA

Proposals are due by February 9, 2018
Call for Proposals
Call for Proposals
Proposals are now being sought for the seventh TESOL/Applied Linguistics/ Foreign Languages (TALFL) Conference which will be held on April 28th, 2018. The theme for the conference is “Celebrating Language Learners as Agents of Change.” Proposals of practical, empirical, and/or theoretical work which address or demonstrate the topic are invited.

Suggested Topics for Sessions

The increasing diversity in US classrooms provides teachers and students the opportunity to celebrate all language learners as agents of change. We celebrate learners’ many languages and cultures and encourage learner agency, both within and outside the classroom. This year’s TALFL Conference aims to provide a platform for an exchange of views and the sharing of experiences on teaching practices that promote learner agency. These can be examined in a wide range of areas of language learning, including (though not limited to) teaching methodology, learner and teacher beliefs, materials development, assessment, and technology.

Proposals are invited for the following categories:

Papers are presentations by one or more authors. Presentation time for papers will be 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A and discussion.
Poster presentations
Poster presentations are designed to depict a topic by means of pictures and brief notes. Many possible topics suitable for posters can be pursued, from research notes to a detailed lesson plan. For example, a language learning field trip for students could be depicted with pictures, maps, and samples of materials. Posters will be on display during a set time to be announced later. Presenters will be expected to remain at the presentation site (a bulletin board) in order to discuss their topics with attendees.
Undergraduate and Graduate Research Forum
Students are invited to discuss their research projects with conference attendees. Three students with similar topics will be scheduled for one concurrent session; each presenter will talk. Proposals may be from individual students or from a group interested in working together.
Demonstrations involve substantial audience participation, such as the actual doing of a task or series of tasks. For example, the presenter(s) could simulate the steps in the actual performance of language learning by having the audience participate in a lesson. Presentation time for demonstrations will be 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A and discussion.
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