Startup Funding Training Course
The course is offered within the framework of MY-GATEWAY project and will cover both public and private types of funding for startups. On September 26th, Spherik Accelerator will meet you in Cluj-Napoca for one full day of training, offered by Krisztina Toth - Project coordinator for MY-GATEWAY project & Senior Project Manager @ Europa Media, and Mircea Vadan - founder @ Activize and Cluj Startups.

>> The access is free of charge, by signing up you agree to attend the entire day agenda;
>> There are 20 spots available for the training;
>> Only one person per startup is allowed to apply;
>> In case you can no longer attend, please notify us at, so that we can offer the spot to someone on the waiting list;

Your data is needed in order to provide you with a tailored approach from the GATEWAY trainers. It will only be used to asses your needs for funding and provide you with a more tailored approach during the training.

Details about the training: (link SPK news)
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