ESOP'22 Artifact Evaluation Committee (AEC) Nomination
If you are interested in serving on the ESOP 2022 Artifact Evaluation Committee or know someone who would be suitable, please fill out this form.

This form is set up to identify the nominee as an experienced PhD student or post-doc *at the time of paper submissions* (so for example, graduating PhD students or post-docs on the job market currently are welcome, in addition to people in the middle of such positions).

An experienced PhD student means you have at least one publication in a major PL or related venue during your PhD. Post-docs here would be any non-permanent post-PhD academic research position under the mentorship of a faculty member, regardless of the wording of your official title. We are explicitly not seeking current faculty members for reasons outlined here: However, if there are exceptional cases where the nominee does not fit one of these categories but is keen to serve, write to the AEC chairs (Andreea Costea and KC Sivaramakrishnan) stating your case.

Each AEC member is expected to review around 3-4 artifacts. Each artifact will take around 8 hours to review. You are expected to be available to review between January 11th 2022 to February 16th 2022.

We accept nominations until 20th of November 2021 and will let you know of your nomination outcome by 27th of November 2021.
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